At The Public Spectacle we offer a wide variety of vision care products from premium eyeglass frames, contact lenses and prescription eye glasses that are affordable and fashionable. As a result, you will have the latest technology and the right solution for your eyes. In addition, we carry frames suited for every budget, style and lifestyle.

Here are some of the vision care products that we carry.

Vision care products: Varilux Progressive Lenses

Varilux® Progressive Lenses provide sharp vision and smooth transitions at any distance.


Vision care products: XperioUV_TAG_237

Xperio UV™ polarized prescription sun lenses virtually eliminate blinding glare so you can see the outside world with sharper color and greater depth.


Vision care products: Crizal_237Providing protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water, UV and other enemies of clear vision, Crizal No-Glare lenses can help you see better, look better, and feel better.


Vision care products: TransitionsResponsive adaptive lenses. Fully clear indoors and darker outdoors. Transitions Signature lenses feature exclusive Chromea7 photochromic technology. This means they are more reactive to bright sun, partial sun and indirect light. This includes light reflected from buildings, cars, and many other surfaces.


Vision care products: Essilor

Essilor International S.A. is a French company that produces ophthalmic lenses along with ophthalmic optical equipment. Essilor is responsible for creating Varilux® (mentioned above).